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Ageing In Place Conferences

Ageing In Place Conferences



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Our Seminars For Ageing in Place

Seniors want to stay in their home.  Adult children want their parents to be safe.  Both of those wishes on the surface seem easy.  But to make that happen, it is a battle of anxiety, worry, frustration for the adult caregiver who witnesses their parents in

Our seminars bring together all of the experts in Ageing in Place who will provide the best guidance that you can find to ensure that your parents are well looked after for their senior years in their own home.

Who Are The Ageing In Place Seminars For?

Adult children with ageing parents

Caregivers of seniors who are at risk of institutionalisation

Families who have a desire to stay together in the community

What Can I Expect From The Ageing In Place Seminars?

We have put together a two day program aimed at adult children and family caregivers to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the strategies, support and technology that is required to keep your ageing parents at home.  We have brought together the leading Ageing In Place experts who bring the latest concepts for families to implement to avoid the institutionalisation of their ageing family member.  The following topics are covered:

Latest technological capabilities including Telehealth

Community Support opportunities and programs

Keynote speakers

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Or contact us via the form below or phone +61 7 3103 2542 and we can have a face-to-face conversation in person or over Skype about how we can help you keep your ageing parents at home.  Comfortable.  Safe.




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