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Back Muscles.

Back   Muscles.



Manual Handling is an necessary evil.  The physical load that is required to move an object, aka: Manual Handling, is entirely necessary when you are a caregiver.  However, there are many a technique that is available to carers to reduce the chance of injury.  Injury to your back can have devastating impacts on your life: pain, reduced mobility, ongoing need for medication and a possibility that it might end in needing surgery.  None of these scenarios are positive.

Here is a clinical tutorial video about the major muscles that form the structures of the back.  All carers need to have an understanding of this as it will help when you are learning about safe manual handling techniques.  But also, if you are looking after someone at home and they have chronic back pain, then this is essential viewing for you.




Nic Nash-Arnold has been nursing for twenty years. She has nursed thousands of patients, mainly in the operating theatre. Nicole has worked in both public and private hospitals in Queensland. Ten years ago, she left the “coal face” of nursing and moved into a Nurse Educator role and then a series of senior and executive hospital administration roles. Nic has always believed in the empowerment with education. That might be empowering nurses to provide better care or patients to take better care, but education is always the centre of the solution. Google 

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