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Medical Terminology For Carers

Medical Terminology For Carers

Medical Terminology For Adult Children Caring For Their Parents

When you’re accompanying your ageing parents to a litany of doctors’ appointments, it’s likely that you are navigating a medical world that you’ve never been exposed to.  It feels like learning another language when physicians start talking.  It’s hard to keep up to speed with all the information that is shared with you in those appointments that feel like they’re a nanosecond long, let alone struggling to keep up with terms you’ve never heard.

Here at iNightingale, we’re firm believers that education is the best solution, so we’re going to teach you what we think you need to know about medical terminology.  We’ve got resources here that will help you understand the anatomy that is relevant to you.  Also, having a grasp of the anatomy will also help you understand what your care recipient is going through.  It will also help you understand how best to provide support.

When Phill & I were learning, we found that we learnt best with visualising the anatomy to comprehend what its function and how it interacts with the body as a whole. Anatomy zone provide high quality 3D videos with great detail in an easy to understand format. We at iNightingale hope you find these masterly constructed videos educational and easy to view.  Some of the anatomy contained in those videos can be beyond what is necessary for the role of the family caregiver, but we’ll direct you to what parts we think are important.

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