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7 Mistakes Adult Children Make When Dealing With Aging Parents – Free eBook Here.

7 Mistakes Adult Children Make When Dealing With Aging Parents – Free eBook Here.

Your Free eBook Answering All Your Questions About Dealing With Aging Parents

Click here for your free eBook covering the 7 mistakes you’re making now:

  1. There’s nothing in between being at home and in a nursing home
  2. Spending valuable time searching for the incorrect information
  3. Constantly worrying if your parent is safe at home
  4. You’re unable to recognise the loss of your parent’s independence
  5. Take on all the responsibility and don’t ask for help
  6. Keep your life on hold and neglect your own wellbeing
  7. Attempting to manipulate the system to gain home care services

Are You Dealing With Aging Parents Who Are Needing More And More Help?

Often, adult children sense this unsettling feeling that all is not well with their ageing parents.  You have an underlying feeling that something is going to happen.  Perhaps it started when you realised that they weren’t entirely sure about which medication when.  Maybe they’ve lost weight and you’re not entirely sure what they’re eating and how meal preparation is going.  But you know that you’re dealing with aging parents who are different than before.

And you have no idea about where to start.

It’s not uncommon.

What is unfortunately not uncommon is that finding the answers to your parent’s individual set of circumstances is unbelievably complex.  There’s a whole world – a whole industry – that you’ve never been exposed to before.  Plus, it’s riddled with complexities about finances: means testing, asset testing, income streams, investments, superannuation annuities, bonds.  These are factors that you are not privvy to and, frankly, nor should you have to.  But navigating this world to make your parents’ lives easier without all the information is very challenging.

Also, you’re likely to be dealing with aging parents who are stoic, who are proud, who are fiercely protective of their independence, who are responding to fears they’ll be “shipped off to a nursing home”.  And that makes your role as the adult child trying to get the best for their parent even more difficult.

Mistakes are made.  Frustration creeps in.  Failure to progress is the result.  And a family is left, sometimes for years, in a sort of limbo where the ageing parents’ needs increase but the solutions don’t follow.

How We Can Help

Mock Up

To help, we’ve created a guide to the top 7 mistakes that adult children make when dealing with aging parents.  We hope to provide some solutions and strategies to help you create a world where your parents can age well.

We’re experts in this field.  We hold regular Q&A sessions for adult children trying to get a grasp of what options are available to them.  We hold them via Google Hangouts on Air – a teleconference with video and adult children come armed with their top questions about navigating this world.

We can also offer a personalised service where we can come and provide an assessment of your family situation and give you a range of options that are a best fit for you and your ageing parents.

Need Help Dealing With Aging Parents?

Want to know more about all the ways that we can help?  Contact us via the below form and we’ll help you.

Nic Nash-Arnold has been nursing for twenty years. She has nursed thousands of patients, mainly in the operating theatre. Nicole has worked in both public and private hospitals in Queensland. Ten years ago, she left the “coal face” of nursing and moved into a Nurse Educator role and then a series of senior and executive hospital administration roles. Nic has always believed in the empowerment with education. That might be empowering nurses to provide better care or patients to take better care, but education is always the centre of the solution

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