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Dementia Education | Webinar | Providing Care

Dementia Education | Webinar | Providing Care

Dementia Education






Phill will be presenting a live webinar for our series on dementia education.  It is a six part series and covers a range of topics regarding dementia education, including:

  1. Providing Care
  2. Understanding Dementia
  3. Communicating Effectively
  4. Engaging in Everyday Activities in a Meaningful Way
  5. Providing Behavioural Support To Maintain Well-Being
  6. Looking After Yourself

In this webinar, we will be covering the first section, Providing Care.  Phill will cover how to provide care by focusing on the individual and not on the disease.  He will include a range of tips and techniques on the ways to provide care.  In future webinars, we will cover every aspect of dementia care so that caregivers have an in-depth understanding of this disease and can cope skilfully with their cognitively impaired care recipient.

We are delivering the Aged Care Standards And Accreditation Agency’s program, “Demystifying Dementia” that is aimed at formal caregivers in residential and community services for the aged.  We have modified this program to be relevant for the informal or family caregiver.  The agency cites the following as learning outcomes from this six part program:

  1. Explain the causes of dementia and the different types of dementia
  2. Explain the impact of the progression of the condition on a person
  3. Communicate effectively with people with dementia in a range of settings
  4. Support and assist people with dementia to participate in everyday activities in meaningful ways
  5. Identify and respond to changes in behaviour creatively, using approaches that are not restrictive and enhance well being.

First Up in Dementia Education – Providing Care:

Time: 11:00am – 12:00md AEST
Date:   6th March, 2014
Cost: $59
© Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency Ltd 2012. 

Upcoming Dementia Education Webinars


SEMINAR #1 – PROVIDING CARE: In this first webinar, we cover how to provide care that focuses on the individual and not the disease. We explore the impact of environment and key messages around providing care.
SEMINAR #2 – UNDERSTANDING DEMENTIA: In this webinar, we take a look at how the brain works and the specific disease of dementia as well as Alzheimer’s disease. We explore the different types of dementia and key messages about understanding dementia.
SEMINAR #3 – COMMUNICATING EFFECTIVELY: Understanding communication techniques is essential when a family caregiver and we explore the different strategies for effective communication. We look at some case studies and scenarios to develop these techniques. We also take a look at how cultural differences can impact communication techniques.
SEMINAR #4 – ENGAGING IN ACTIVITIES: We provide some practical ways for caregivers to engage in activities that are appropriate for the cognitively impaired and why developing an activities program is important. Tailoring everyday activities are covered as well as developing skills in assessing the appropriateness of a given activity for the dementia caree.
SEMINAR #5 – PROVIDING BEHAVIOURAL SUPPORT: One of the most inherent components of the dementia care recipient is the changing nature of their behaviour. In this webinar, we develop an understanding of these changes and coping with these changes.
SEMINAR #6 – LOOKING AFTER YOURSELF: We couldn’t advocate for the caregiver more strongly here at iNightingale and we dedicate this session on how to look after yourself and deal with the common emotions, such as caregiver burden, in this session.



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