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Age Well At Home Program

Age Well At Home Program

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Our Program For Enhanced Wellness

As nurses, we’ve listened to countless family caregivers reach crisis point because they are worried about their ageing parents.  Seniors are worried themselves – they want to continue living the quality of life that they choose to live without the impediment of old age.  Retirement is the greatest time of people’s lives and they’ve waited a long time with great anticipation to get here – freedom, disposable cash, more time than any of the previous generations is enjoyed by our baby-boomers.  Old age does not equal disability.  The old adage that prevention is better than a cure couldn’t be more relevant here.  That’s why we’ve implemented the Enhance Wellness Program that specifically targets seniors staying well.

The sole purpose of our Enhance Wellness Program is to preserve and improve health and functioning of older adults.

Who Is The Age Well At Home Program For?

Seniors over 65 years

Living in the community

At risk of functional decline

Seniors who are at risk of functional decline are those who have a chronic medication condition such as diabetes, heart disease or have had a stroke, amongst many others.  These elders are at risk of disability which is driven by poor nutrition, physical inactivity, sedentary lifestyle and social isolation.

What Can I Expect For My Parent After This Age Well At Home Program?

We have scoured the peer-reviewed, evidence-based scientific literature that is available to us as nurses.  The outcomes of this program are very good.  The large research studies that have been undertaken on this Age Well At Home program for older adults have discovered the following outcomes:

A decrease in disability risk factors

Chronic disease self-management

Improvement with physical activity

Decreased nutritional risk

Improved depression

Reduced use of health services (including emergency department visits and hospitalisations)


What all that means is that we keep seniors well for longer.


Would You Like To Know More About Age Well At Home?

Find Out More EW

Contact us via the form below or phone +61 7 3103 2542 and we can have a face-to-face conversation in person or over Skype about how we can help you keep your ageing parents at home.  Comfortable.  Safe.

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