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Need Help Understanding The Options For Your Ageing Parent?

Need Help Understanding The Options For Your Ageing Parent?

Gap Options




Our Gap Analysis Report

Adult children of ageing seniors have a huge amount of contact with health care professionals and providers.  But rarely is the information that you are receiving about your parents cohesive and well planned.  Often, it ends in frustration and disorganisation.  It feels like the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.  And the only people who are suffering are your ageing parents.

Adult children often say to us that they don’t know what isn’t working about their ageing parents’ situation, but something just isn’t right.  They feel like they don’t know where they are going to end up.  They don’t feel like they are safe.  They don’t feel like they are coping.  That unsettling feeling that all is not well gnaws at them constantly, but they can’t seem to put their finger on what is wrong or how to fix it.

Getting our Gap Analysis Report is about taking control of your own family and your own parent’s situation so that you can all achieve what you want.  Adult children want their parents comfortable, safe and well looked after.  Ageing seniors want to stay at home.  To achieve that, it takes a great degree of work.  It takes an objective professional to come in, assess the issues, plan solutions and implement them.


Our Options Analysis Report

Other times, there is a very specific change in your ageing parent’s health status or situation and it is very clear that things might need to change.  It may be a fall, a serious bout of pneumonia, an extension of a stroke , the passing of a spouse.  Whatever the change, it has caused a situation to emerge where options are needed and they are needed fast.

The families that we talk to often feel like they are navigating a new world they’ve never been a part of and getting skilled enough to understand the options is time consuming and extremely stressful.  Also, conflicting advice from the myriad of government and non-government services can cause a considerable degree of confusion and frustration.

Getting our Options Analysis Report will mean that we will come to your home, assess your family’s situation and ideal outcome and develop a range of options that will meet your family’s objective.  We will present all options that are feasible and their respective costs and other implications.

Who Are Your Gap Analysis & Options Analysis Reports For?

Adult children with ageing seniors with need help determining the best course of action for the short to medium term.

Families of ageing seniors who are at risk of institutionalisation

Families who want to keep their ageing parents in the community

What Can I Expect From These Reports?

We are professionals who have spent decades caring for patients.  We have a raft of professional networks that we can draw upon to assess what your family needs and implement solutions.  We have navigated the health system for our entire professional lives and that gives us insights into how best to approach this problem with clarity and efficiency.  The following can be achieved:

Ultimately, the knowledge and skills to manage your ageing parents in their own home

A full appreciation of your ageing parent’s medical conditions and the likely future impact on their well-being

An understanding of their disability risks and appropriate strategies to mitigate these risks

A documented options plan that acts as a road map for your parent’s needs.

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Gap Options

Or contact us via the form below or phone +61 7 3103 2542 and we can have a face-to-face conversation in person or over Skype about how we can help you keep your ageing parents at home.  Comfortable.  Safe.


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