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Home Care Survival Guide

Home Care Survival Guide




A Blueprint for Providing Quality, Effective Home Care

iNightingale understands how committed families are to have their ageing parents stay home. We also know that this situation transforms family members into caretakers, putting them front and centre in their loved one’s healthcare and day-to-day living. Family members must possess the compassion, empathy, and skills needed to competently care for their loved ones. How can family members gain the clinical skills needed to take care of their aging family member at home?

iNightingale’s Home Care Survival Guide takes the guesswork out of home health care by delivering a strong blueprint for providing home-based care. As nurses ourselves, we feel the needs to share all the tricks we’ve learned over the years so that you can pass along their benefits to your aging loved one.


Who Should Use Home Care Survival Guide?

Family caregivers of all skill sets and experience levels can benefit from the resources within Home Care Survival Guide. If you are providing elder care or support to a person with a disability or chronic disease, whether for the first or fiftieth time, our guide has something to offer.


What Can I Expect From Home Care Survival Guide?

iNightingale’s Home Care Survival Guide delivers a dynamic, in-depth series of video tutorials that quickly instruct family caregivers on the essential basics of providing care at home. In the videos, you will learn:

– Essential skills that every family caregiver should know

– How to identify the critical signs of deterioration

– How to prevent the occurrence and spread of infection via the foundations of infection control

Our comprehensive guide for providing home care for aging family members will give you the professional perspective on maintaining and preserving your loved ones health. The guide is essentially a course in health and wellness, offering a clinical aspect on the keys to successful home health care. You can receive Home Care Survival Guide at a one-time, affordable price and acquire the essential skills you need to take care of your aging loved one today.

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