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1. Home Care Support Services with Vicki Cain from Anglicare | Researchers Grow Brain | How To Prevent The Flu | 6 Minute Meal from Ronsley Vaz

1. Home Care Support Services with Vicki Cain from Anglicare | Researchers Grow Brain | How To Prevent The Flu | 6 Minute Meal from Ronsley Vaz
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Podcast Timeline

Timeline Content
00:00 Introduction
01:37 iNight News—Memory Cafe
02:35 iNight News—Researchers grow brain tissue in a lab
03:57 Get out of the House—Bingo & bus trips, national seniors groups, yoga & pilates are great outings to stop you being at home
05:46 Kitchen Conversations—Vicki Cain is our special guest from Anglicare today
18:33 Lunch Break—Ronsley Vaz from Bond Appétit
23:14 Lessons from the Study—Flu Precautions
27:59 Phill’s Review—Louis Theroux video on dementia

Kitchen Conversation with Vicki Cain from Anglicare

As our very first  episode of the iNightingale podcast, we catch up with Vicki Cain from Anglicare.

Show notes KITCHENAnglicare is a great not-for-profit organization  that advocates for those in need.  Their missions vary from family violence prevention to emergency relief.  It also includes community care for the aged and disabled.

Vicki talks about the services and care that she coordinates for those people in the community needing extra support, specifically home care support services.  She reaches those people through the network of referrals like hospitals, relatives and general practitioners.

Vicki coordinates are range of skills for a variety of home care support services from post-operative care to mental health support in the community.  Anglicare partners with a great many organizations to provide far-reaching support to meet the needs of their clients.

Phill talks to Vicki about how services like Anglicare keep you at home , ageing in place with home care support services.  Vicki also introduces one her star carers: a little guy who is a Daschund!

iNight News

Show notes NEWSThis week, we take a look at some interesting news in aged care that has come across our desks here at iNightingale.

We have discovered the concept of a Memory Café that specifically targets activities that are assisting those who are suffering with cognitive disorders, like Alzheimers & Dementia.

It also helps the family caregivers in a positive and social setting.


Get Out Of The House

Show notes HOUSEPhill takes a look each week at what is going on around him in his community, South East Queensland, to give people ideas about ways to get out of the house.

This week, he looks at bingo and a couple of other great activities to ensure that loneliness is kept at bay.



Lunch Break

Show notes LUNCHRonsley Vaz from Bond Appetit challenges Phill to complete the dish in under 6 minutes . Check out the you tube video to see how it went.

Phill’s wife & 4 boys demolished it in 5 minutes. Yum.




3 eggs Milk (alternative: rice milk)

1/2 cabbage

Splash balsamic vinegar

Salt (not saxa)




Sauté the cabbage in hot pan with salt and pepper, take off cabbage then scramble the eggs and milk.

Lay scrambled eggs on bed of cabbage drizzle the splash of balsamic vinegar.

Eat it while it’s hot!


Lessons From The Study

Show notes STUDYThis week, Phill covers the tips and tricks to limit the chances of contracting the ‘flu.

In Phill’s emergency department, he’s starting to see a lot of patients come through with flu-like illnesses.  This can be devastating to the very old and those with chronic diseases.

So with winter well & truly here, it’s high time to cover the strategies to avoid this Dreaded Lurgi!




Phill’s Review

Show notes REVIEWToday, Phill takes a look at a very moving documentary on dementia.

Louis Theroux is a British journalist who is known for his documentaries and television series.  In this documentary, he take a look at the impact of dementia as well as spending time in some state-of-the-art American facilities as well as family caregivers.





Show Notes

Phill Tsingos is a Director of iNightingale. Qualified Registered Nurse. He has been a nurse his entire adult life (Circa: 1993). He thrives on the daily challenges of working in an emergency department (Clinical teacher). Phill’s mission is everyone should have the best quality of life possible. He has made caring for people a life long devotion (perhaps even an obsession). Seeing many people suffer as a result of inadequate care at home. Phill wanted to be the prevention not the cure. That is how iNightingale was born. Phill loves questions or comments or general chin wag at Google

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