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10. Advanced Health Directive with Kerri-Anne Dooley | Lunch with Mauricio from Villa Maria Restaurant | Learn Computer Skills with ASCCA

10. Advanced Health Directive with Kerri-Anne Dooley | Lunch with Mauricio from Villa Maria Restaurant | Learn Computer Skills with ASCCA

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Podcast Timeline

Timeline Content
00:00 Introduction
01:53 iNight News with  Medical News Today
06:03 Get Out Of The House with ideas from the Senior Services Guide
10:20 Kitchen Conversations with  Kerri-Anne Dooley from Wesley Mission on planning an Advanced Health Directive
32:08 Lunch Break—This time it’s Chef Mauricio from Villa Maria Restaurant giving us some tips
36:00 Phill’s Review:  Phill taks a look at a great website that facilitates travel, Seniors  Holiday Travel

Kitchen Conversations

Show notes KITCHEN

Phill welcomes Kerri-Anne Dooley from the Wesley Mission into the iNightingale kitchen for a chat today.  Kerri-Anne is the Clinical Lead for Hummingbird House, which is Queensland’s only children’s respite and hospice.

Kerri-Anne feels very passionately about Advanced Care Planning and the importance of an advanced health directive.  It is about thinking about your future health care and what choices you might make if you weren’t able to make those choices and your family or significant others are left to make those decisions.   Kerri-Anne cites some incredible research that indicates that 50% of spouses and partners would not choose the correct course of action that their partner would actually want in a given situation.  An advanced health directive would eliminate someone choosing an option that you wouldn’t want.

Advanced care planning starts with a conversation and can be taken as far as a legal document, the Advanced Health Directive.  It is about determining who should make decisions, your wishes if your were incapacitated, decisions about organ donation if able.  Most powerfully, Kerri-Anne shares a personal story about how an advanced health directive alleviated a terrible burden and help grief in tragic circumstances.

Kerri-Anne takes us through the process of what is required to implement an Advanced Health Directive.


iNight News

Show notes NEWS

Phill discovers some news in the world of home care.  He’s discovered a great resource that details news that specifically relates to what is happening in the world of health and medicine today, Medical News Today.  There, Phill came across a report that details the future predications about our ageing population.  He also found a great report that found that caregivers of dementia sufferers found great benefit in a telephone support program.


Get Out Of The House

Show notes HOUSE

Phill takes a look each week at what is going on around him in his community, South East Queensland, to give people ideas about ways to get out of the house.  This week, he found a great website that features a range of activities that specifically target seniors, Senior Service Guide.  Phill’s had a lot of seniors recently lament their lack of computer skills.  Well, Phill has found a great club designed for the purpose of giving seniors IT skills, the Australian Seniors Computer Club Association


Lunch Break

Show notes LUNCH

Phill changed it up with week and we’re having a chat with Chef Mauricio from Camp Hill’s great South American restaurant, Villa Maria.  Mauricio gives us a simple lunch to get us inspired about food, both of which can be blended or juiced!



Ingredients (Entree – Salad):

  • 1/4 Lettuce
  • 2 pieces beetroot (canned is ok)
  • 2 tomatoes
  • 1/3 Cucumber sliced thinly
  • Lemon Juice


Prepare as a salad and drizzle with lemon juice.

However, if there are difficulties with swallowing or chewing, all the ingredients can be juiced for a nutritious drink

Ingredients (Main – Soup):

  • Meat—Chicken breast, beef or fish
  • Vegetables—    1/2 onion1/2 tomato1/2 capsicum1 garlic clove1 stem coriander
  • Carbohydrate—1 potato, OR rice OR pasta


Place the meat, onion, tomato, capsicum, garlic and coriander into a pot with enough water well cover.

Bring to the boil, removing any foam that rises to the top.

Cook until the meat is cooked through (approx 30 minutes) then add the carbohydrate (potato, rice or pasta).

Again, if there are problems with chewing and swallowing, this soup can be blended.


 Lessons From The Study

Show notes STUDY

Phill takes a look at a great online tool to assess how healthy you are currently.  The tool is called The Health Navigator and identifies any risk that is present for chronic diseases such as heart disease or diabetes.  This resource is free and provides you a full report afterwards.  Don’t forget that any kind of tool or online resource that you use is always best to be in conjunction with a conversation with your General Practitioner as they know you and your health history the best!



Show Notes

Phill Tsingos is a Director of iNightingale. Qualified Registered Nurse. He has been a nurse his entire adult life (Circa: 1993). He thrives on the daily challenges of working in an emergency department (Clinical teacher). Phill’s mission is everyone should have the best quality of life possible. He has made caring for people a life long devotion (perhaps even an obsession). Seeing many people suffer as a result of inadequate care at home. Phill wanted to be the prevention not the cure. That is how iNightingale was born. Phill loves questions or comments or general chin wag at Google

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