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2. Loneliness with Kash Thompson from Yes Psychology | How To Prepare For The Unexpected: Emergency Room | Quick Lunches with Ronsley Vaz

2. Loneliness with Kash Thompson from Yes Psychology | How To Prepare For The Unexpected: Emergency Room | Quick Lunches with Ronsley Vaz
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Podcast Timeline

Timeline Content
00:00 Introduction
01:18 iNight News—Loneliness, Nursing Services at home, the Ultimate Bucket List
03:50 Get out of the House—Ageing Stronger Active Longer program
05:59 Kitchen Conversations—Kash Thompson from Yes Psychology gives us his top tips on managing loneliness
19:30 Lessons from the Study—Emergency Room Visits
22:17 Lunch Break—Ronsley Vaz from Bond Appétit
32:31 Phill’s Review—Start2Talk


Kitchen Conversation with Kash Thompson from Yes Psychology

This week’s  iNightingale podcast, we catch up with Kash Thompson from Yes Psychology.

Kash gives us some insights into what a psychologist does and how they can help everybody at many times during their life.

A great many of our elderly are dealing with loneliness, so Kash talks about why this problem that faces a great many people, particularly our seniors.  He talks about the real reasons that this loneliness comes about.  Kash gives some insights into the best ways to overcome loneliness.

Understanding the warning signs are a fundamental way to initiate early intervention.  However, seeking help can be a difficult barrier for many people to overcome.  Kash discusses the top barriers preventing loneliness sufferers from seeking help.

Kash also gives us some insights on some stories from his experience.  It is a story about the community spirit and its unique ability to break down barriers that face people every single day.

This is a great interview that aims to break down the barrier of seeking help when they are in need of it.

iNight News

Show notes NEWSLoneliness is a growing problem for modern society that spreads people further & further from their family roots.  We’ve discovered some news reports that show that more than 5 million older people in the UK are affected by loneliness.

Phill also takes a look at combining the benefits of ageing at home with the care provided in a assisted living development without the need for an Aged Care Assessment. Finally, Phill has found the ultimate Bucket List!

Get Out Of The House

Show notes HOUSE

Phill takes a look each week at what is going on around him in his community, South East Queensland, to give people ideas about ways to get out of the house.  This week, he found a great website for the Ipswich community for things to do.  He’s also located a great Facebook program that promotes healthy & active ageing


Lunch Break

Show notes LUNCH

Ronsley Vaz from Bond Appetit joins Phill again today.  He covers some listener questions.  He also provides us with a great lunchtime recipe




Zucchinis (seeds removed)

Left over meat (mine, chicken, beef, lamb, etc

Chick peas (optional)




Preheat the oven

Remove the seeks from the zucchinis

Sprinkle grated cheese over the lot

Gill for 7 minutes or oven on full heat for 5 minutes


Lessons From The Study

Show notes STUDY

This week, Phill covers the tips and tricks to limit the chances of contracting the ‘flu.

Phill’s an emergency nurse.  Therefore, he is seeing a great many people come through every day and is in a great position to give advice on how best to manage coming to the emergency room.   He goes through his top tips on your emergency visit



Phill’s Review

Show notes REVIEW

Today, Phill takes a look at a very important topic—planning ahead.

The website, Start2Talk, gives you a helping hand in planning for your future and all its implications.





Show Notes

Phill Tsingos is a Director of iNightingale. Qualified Registered Nurse. He has been a nurse his entire adult life (Circa: 1993). He thrives on the daily challenges of working in an emergency department (Clinical teacher). Phill’s mission is everyone should have the best quality of life possible. He has made caring for people a life long devotion (perhaps even an obsession). Seeing many people suffer as a result of inadequate care at home. Phill wanted to be the prevention not the cure. That is how iNightingale was born. Phill loves questions or comments or general chin wag at Google

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