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5. Community Care for Seniors with Angela Bietz | Smartphones as a Pocket Doctor | Banana Smoothies with Ronsley Vaz

5. Community Care for Seniors with Angela Bietz | Smartphones as a Pocket Doctor | Banana Smoothies with Ronsley Vaz
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Podcast Timeline

Timeline Content
00:00 Introduction
01:35 iNight News—Smart Phones diagnosing Parkinson’s Disease and Deep Brain Stimulation advances for Parkinson’s Disease
3:33 Get out of the House— Things to do in South East Queensland that you might find in your area, too.
6:45 Kitchen Conversations—Angela Beitz from West Moreton HACC
24:08 Lessons from the Study—Chest Pain: When to act
26:58 Lunch Break—Ronsley Vaz from Bond Appétit
33:24 Phill’s Review—Slide Sheets

Kitchen Conversations

Show notes KITCHEN

Today, Angela Beitz from West Moreton Home & Community Care joins us at the kitchen table for Kitchen Conversations to discuss how she makes community care for seniors happen.

The West Moreton Home and Community Care (HACC) Program’s mission statement is to “provide assistance with everyday tasks so frail older people can stay in their homes longer”

It’s a program that targets over 65’s and provides government funded services and assistance.  It’s a referral based system from GP’s, specialists or family members which leads to an assessment of an individual’s needs.  Those needs vary from help with shopping, activities of daily living, help with housework,  help with attending social activities plus respite support for family caregivers.  All of these great things are facilitated so that community care happens in the home.  They coordinate allied health support as well such as occupational therapist who can assess the suitability of a bathroom and recommend what changes are needed to ensure safety.

As usual, Angela shares a real story with us on iNightingale’s Kitchen Conversation of how her service has helped one of her 1700 clients that West Moreton HACC services.

iNight News

Show notes NEWS

Phill discovers some news in the world of home care about Smart Phones.   The Daily Mail in the UK reports on how the Smart Phone has turned into a pocket doctor with functionality recently developed to help diagnose Parkinson’s Disease.  We’ll watch this space & keep you updated.

Phill comes across the Lasker-DeBakey award winners for 2014 who has discovered the neural framework for how Parkinson’s Disease works.  We have the video here that details Dr DeLong’s lifetime of work to understand Parkinson’s Disease that leads to Deep Brain Stimulation treatments.


Get Out Of The House

Show notes HOUSE

Phill takes a look each week at what is going on around him in his community, South East Queensland, to give people ideas about ways to get out of the house.

This week, he found a great website for the Ipswich community for things to do.  For example, local councils that put on events in parks, local festivals and workshops.



Lunch Break

Show notes LUNCH

Ronsley Vaz from Bond Appetit joins Phill again today.  Phill recently spotted some picnic-ers and it gave him an idea to challenge Ronsley to coming up with a good little drink to take down to the park to spend a quiet afternoon—Banana Peanut Butter Smoothie is what Ronsley came up with!





  • 1 cup Almond Milk
  • 1 lrg ripe banana(ripe, ripe, ripe!)
  • 2 tbl natural peanut butter
  • 1 handful of almonds
  • 1 tbl honey
  • Handful of ice cubes



Put it all in the blender and whiz.

Great for the thermos and head to the park.

Makes for a nutritious breakfast too.

Almonds can be replaced by other nuts, like cashew & fruits can be replaced with strawberries.

Play around!

 Lessons From The Study

Show notes STUDY

Today, Phill gives us some of his emergency nurse insights into chest pain.  He gives us some insights into the critical things to look out for with chest pain.  Chest pain can mean a great many things and not all are sinister.  Chest pain can be caused by gastrointestinal causes, such as indigestion or reflux, and sometimes it’s musculoskeletal – you may have had a cough recently and caused some irritation to the ribs and sternum which causes pain.  Obviously, the concern is heart related and it’s the one area you can never be too careful.  Checking it checked out and looking like a paranoid goose is a far better option than ignoring it and having a major heart attack.  So Phill steps us through recent patients that he’s looked after and how they’re chest pain presented.


Phill’s Review

Show notes REVIEW

Phill takes a look at a simple little device that takes all the heavy work out of lifting.  If you’re caring for someone who requires manual handling – i.e. your care recipient requires any kind of lifting, moving, pushing, pulling or carrying – then this can be back breaking work.  Phill reviews an inexpensive device that takes the friction and therefore the weight out of this task.





Show Notes

Phill Tsingos is a Director of iNightingale. Qualified Registered Nurse. He has been a nurse his entire adult life (Circa: 1993). He thrives on the daily challenges of working in an emergency department (Clinical teacher). Phill’s mission is everyone should have the best quality of life possible. He has made caring for people a life long devotion (perhaps even an obsession). Seeing many people suffer as a result of inadequate care at home. Phill wanted to be the prevention not the cure. That is how iNightingale was born. Phill loves questions or comments or general chin wag at Google

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