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8. People with Disability with Matt Stone from Believe in People | Falls Prevention Strategies | Eggs with Ronsley Vaz

8. People with Disability with Matt Stone from Believe in People | Falls Prevention Strategies | Eggs with Ronsley Vaz
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Podcast Timeline

Timeline Content
00:00 Introduction
01:21 iNight News— Advanced care planning,& Falls Prevention strategies
4:49 Get out of the House— Things to do in South East Queensland that you might find in your area, too.
8:03 Kitchen Conversations—Matt Stone from Believe In People
25:24 Lunch Break—Ronsley Vaz from Bond Appétit

Kitchen Conversations

Show notes KITCHEN

Matt Stone has very recently started an organisation called Believe in People .  This is a non-for-profit organisation made up by people with a disability and their families focussing on the fact that people are better served when focussed on as an individual.  The aim is that people are empowered to make decisions for themselves or, if unable, someone who knows them and directly associated with them can make that decision so that it will be the best decision for that person.


Matt’s organisation is focussed on engaging in community.  They advocate for small groups forming, co-operatives, that look after a small group of people and ensure their social inclusion and needs are met.  The organisation aims to identify the strengths, skills and passions that an individual holds and ensuring a way that these can be utilised or optimised to ensure that it adds value to the person’s life as well as the community. 


When people are in the own neighbourhood and own home and own community, then those links are the fabric of a disabled persons day to day life and it is these that organisations such as Believe in People and Matt Stone are working to enhance.

iNight News

Show notes NEWS

Phill discovers some news in the world of home care.  Advanced care planning is an important part of anyone’s ageing plan.  Phill has discovered some great workshops for formal caregivers so that they can engage in that conversation successfully.  Phill has also found some great resources for Falls prevention and, in particular, balance training called Pertubation Training.  The premise of the training aims to teach people how to correct their balance and recover quickly to prevent the fall from occurring.  Physiotherapists and other allied health professionals are trained in delivering this strategy.

Get Out Of The House

Show notes HOUSE

Phill takes a look each week at what is going on around him in his community, South East Queensland, to give people ideas about ways to get out of the house.

This week, he found a great website for the Ipswich community for things to do.  For example, The Beatles Tour. A festival marking the outbreak of  WW1, The Black Diggers; a Shakespeare Festival; and of course a good old day out at the markets, like the Robelle Domain Markets.

Lunch Break

Show notes LUNCH

Ronsley Vaz from Bond Appetit joins Phill again. Today it’s all about avoiding food poisoning and safe food handling.  Eggs, like chicken, can easily be a cause of potential food poisoning so safe handling & storage is essential  A tip for knowing if an egg is ok & not off—submerge it in water: a floating egg is a bad egg!

Finally, another tip for safe storage is to always keep the egg in its shell when cooked and don’t peel until you’re ready to eat.



Show Notes

Phill Tsingos is a Director of iNightingale. Qualified Registered Nurse. He has been a nurse his entire adult life (Circa: 1993). He thrives on the daily challenges of working in an emergency department (Clinical teacher). Phill’s mission is everyone should have the best quality of life possible. He has made caring for people a life long devotion (perhaps even an obsession). Seeing many people suffer as a result of inadequate care at home. Phill wanted to be the prevention not the cure. That is how iNightingale was born. Phill loves questions or comments or general chin wag at Google

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