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So Now You Can Make A Bed…. But What About If Someone Is In it?

So Now You Can Make A Bed…. But What About If Someone Is In it?

Welcome to the inner sanctum nursing world of bed making.  Those mitre corners: they’re a secret that we keep close ;)

But seriously, the techniques are critical for protecting  your patient from pressure areas in the proper bed making technique are essential for when your patient has the reduced capacity to naturally move around. However, what happens when your patient has no ability to move around.  Having them hop up and sit in a chair while you make their bed simply may not be an option.

Regularly changing the sheets is essential.  Patients who are unwell are likely to not regulate their body temperature as well as they normally might, so sweaty sheets are the result.  Also, it is likely that they might soil the sheets, and obviously, changing in necessary.  Also, for comfort when you are in bed for a long period of time, clean sheets can be like heaven.

There is absolutely no need for you to have your patient move out of the bed.  And, frankly, the risks of the patient handling to your back and increased risk of falling simply aren’t worth it.  There is a perfectly excellent technique to changing the sheets while your patient stays in their bed.  It is ideal that you have two people to help you do this, but not essential.  Provided the patient can provide some degree of help, like holding onto the bed side, then you can do this alone.   In our “Home Care Survival Guide”, Phill steps through the techniques that maintain your patients dignity, comfort and your back to make a bed while they stay tucked up inside it.

Home Care Thumb

To learn this technique and more on the practical skills to provide great home care, take a look at our learning package that is designed for informal caregivers.  The spouses and daughters and family friends who are out in our community delivering incredible care to someone in need are the ones that need just as much education developing the skills needed as anyone in the caregiving game!  A series of video demonstrations that provide simple How-To’s on the best ways to provide home care.  Available now for A$149


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3. Once you’ve completed registration, you will be redirected to the log in page for you to use the username & password you have just set up during registration

4. Click the Home Care Survival Guide graphic and that will take you to the eLearning program

5. Note that you can come back at any time to review material. The Table of Contents on the left hand side will always be there to help you navigate to the exact video or piece of information that you are seeking for that very caregiving problem you are having

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Nic Nash-Arnold has been nursing for twenty years. She has nursed thousands of patients, mainly in the operating theatre. Nicole has worked in both public and private hospitals in Queensland. Ten years ago, she left the “coal face” of nursing and moved into a Nurse Educator role and then a series of senior and executive hospital administration roles. Nic has always believed in the empowerment with education. That might be empowering nurses to provide better care or patients to take better care, but education is always the centre of the solution. Google 

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