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Nurses for Nurses – Education For Professionals

Nurses for Nurses – Education For Professionals

We’re Nurses For Carers, But We’re Nurses For Nurses, Too

Here at iNightingale, we’re all about the home caregiver.  The spouse or the adult child who is at home trying to make things great for their caree.  We do that through webinars and videos and how-to’s and a whole load of other ways.

But sometimes, nurses and other health care professionals find us.  We’re committed to making sure that everyone is giving great care, so we thought we would review a couple of great places for the health professionals to find learning opportunities.

Nurses For Nurses CPD

Nurses for Nurses CPD is a superb collection of educational material that attracts Continuing Professional Development points as you go.  It even keeps a record of everything that you do so that if AHPRA come knocking to do a random audit and you’re number’s up, everything is here in one place.  It’s a tax deductible $99 per year and you get access to everything (which is over 250+ CPD assessable content), including:

  • Every live webinar on a range of clinical topics
  • All the recorded webinars if you missed the live one
  • Watch videos and do the quiz
  • Read a journal article and do the quiz
  • Nursing practice updates
  • eBooks on wound care
  • Live events
  • sSeminars
  • Information fact sheets on nursing topics
  • A wide range of clinical topics including aged care, diabetes, infection control, mental health, obstetrics, acute care, palliative care, pharmacology & wound care.

Nurse Manager HQ

Nurse Manager HQ is a resource for registered nurses looking for support, coaching and career development as they transition into senior leadership roles in nursing.  It contains a range of resources including how-to’s, webinars, templates and soon, a forum, that will support nurses as they grow their careers.


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