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Arm Surgery | Hand Therapy Exercises

Arm Surgery | Hand Therapy Exercises

Phill’s Introduction To Hand Therapy Exercises

Phill has one of his first visits to hand therapy.  During this appointment, Phill is introduced to his hand therapy exercises.  This team of therapists will be central to Phill’s recovery potential.  There are a number of reasons why one might need the input of a range of allied health professionals as a result of injury, illness or chronic disease.  For Phill, the expertise that he needs right now is best provided by the hand therapy team.  They will provide a range of hand therapy exercises that will ensure that Phill can gain maximum function possible.  For Phill, his goal is full return to pre-injury function.  For others, it might be different.  But the hand therapy exercises provided here will be key to Phill’s success.

Who Are Allied Health Professionals?

When we think about health professionals, it’s often the doctors and the nurses that come to mind.  However, there are a great number of professionals who will make up your health professional team.  Of course, your general practitioner and specialist.  Most likely, you will come into contact with a team of nurses.  But there are other specialists who are both highly trained and experienced professionals.  This team of caregivers will make a considerable impact on your health journey.  Physiotherapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, social workers as well as some complimentary medicine experts, such as acupuncturists.  Each have their role to play in conjunction with the others.

For Phill, it’s hand therapy.  He goes through the hand therapy exercises that are specific to his injury and why each will help him.  Not enough importance can be placed on the fact that these hand therapy exercises are designed for Phill and his injury.  However, the underlying premise remains the same.  Compliance and consistency with the advice provided by his healthcare team will ensure that he reaches his healthcare goal: full pre-injury function.  For some, it might be just to have enough function to perform highly desired tasks, like writing or picking up a cup.  Perhaps it might be to reduce pain.  Irrespective, the only way to reach those goals is to follow advice and follow it regularly.

Phill talks more on this subject of compliance and his hand therapy exercises


Nic Nash-Arnold has been nursing for twenty years. She has nursed thousands of patients, mainly in the operating theatre. Nicole has worked in both public and private hospitals in Queensland. Ten years ago, she left the “coal face” of nursing and moved into a Nurse Educator role and then a series of senior and executive hospital administration roles. Nic has always believed in the empowerment with education. That might be empowering nurses to provide better care or patients to take better care, but education is always the centre of the solution. Google 

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