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How To Be Ready For A Trip To The Emergency Department

How To Be Ready For A Trip To The Emergency Department

Hospital Admission

The fact is if you are a sufferer of a chronic condition, then a hospital admission is inevitable.

The only question is how suddenly it arrives.  For some, booked and elective surgery or a minor procedure may be your course to the hospital admission desk.  You’ll know the day and time and have plenty of time to prepare.

For others, it may be a rushed ambulance trip with a great deal of stress and anxiety for all involved.  For most, it will be somewhere in the middle.

How To Prepare For A Hospital Admission

Pregnant women have got their systems down pat.  They haven’t left preparation for their inevitable hospital admission to chance (nor to their husbands!).  They’ve got their little bag with all the essentials right there at the door ready for when they wake at two in the morning in the throws of a severe contraction.

Take a leaf out of that book and get ready yourself.  It will save a great deal of running around later when you’re in hospital and can’t get home to get a tooth brush.  But there’s more than just the absence of toiletries that will make that hospital admission problematic.  In our video How-To below, Phill goes through the top items that you’ll need to get you through the unplanned hospital admission to make the whole experience as smooth as such an experience could possibly be.







Nic Nash-Arnold has been nursing for twenty years. She has nursed thousands of patients, mainly in the operating theatre. Nicole has worked in both public and private hospitals in Queensland. Ten years ago, she left the “coal face” of nursing and moved into a Nurse Educator role and then a series of senior and executive hospital administration roles. Nic has always believed in the empowerment with education. That might be empowering nurses to provide better care or patients to take better care, but education is always the centre of the solution. Google 

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