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Project Grandma

Project Grandma

I was recently looking around at images on Flickr.  I, personally, love photography.  It is such a beautiful way to capture a singular moment and preserve it forever.  Flickr holds so many delights, that sometimes I am lost just clicking from one amazing amateur photographer to the next. Recently, I came across a beautiful images, and not surprisingly, it caught my attention.  But as I read the photographer’s words, the image became so much more moving than it was just a moment ago.  It captures what we feel passionately about here at iNightingale: that ageing is to be celebrated for the wisdom that it holds. These are those words:

Project Grandma – This is Kamatchi A.K.A Ammalam Patti A.K.A Viboodhi Paati, my 86 yr old grandmother. I have been wanting to do this project for the past few years but i was unable to do it due to my busy schedule. My grandma suddenly became very weak last week and I finally decided to do this project because I may not get another chance if I leave it for too late. Most of us miss to notice/admire the beauty of our grandparents due to our busy schedules. We all admire them in their younger age photos but miss to capture the beauty of their old age. Only after I took these photos, I myself understood her real self. I was shocked to see how old she has become and these photos made me realize that she is on her way to the lord, but only the Lord knows when. My intention was not to hurt the feelings of my family members but i wanted to show my family that my grandmother has really grown old. My intention was to click some honest portraits of my grandma to show her physical and emotional details which most of us fail to notice everyday. When I showed these pics to my mom and a few of my family people, they burst into tears. I think that is natural and am sorry. My grandmother has seen all the good and bad in her life and is still going on strong. Yes! She wants to live more after all the happiness and suffering she got in this material life. She married my grandfather and gave birth to 9 children. When we all struggle to maintain one or two children, imagine how much pain she would have gone through to bring up all these children especially when few of them were really cranky . My grandfather worked in a shipping company as a caterer and so he would be available only for 6 months in a year to help her. It was my grandma all the way. She was a powerful personality and was a queen at her prime age. She managed to give a decent education to most of her children. She did all she could do to give a good life to her kids. She might have hurt a few and she might have been good to a few but she has been always a loving grandmother in my perspective and I cherish all the moments i had spent with her in my whole life. My mom and I have always been the pet of my grandmother and would love to always be like that. She is going to be with us only for some time so for me, my mom and my family members, now is the time to remember all the good things about her, now is the time to be very supportive to her and now is the time to buy her what she loves – Chocolates & Sweets. Love You Paati!!! I hope these photos will inspire everybody to click many pics of your grandparents and more importantly show lots of love to them. Remember they have shown their unconditional love to us and it’s our turn now. Let’s not be selfish by leaving them behind when they want us the most.

Vinoth Chandar is an avid amateur photographer based in Chennai, India. He owns a web services & a mobile apps development company. His beautiful work can be found at flickr and can be found on Facebook also.

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